Time Whispering: 2

by Fred

I spent a half-hour this morning traveling ten years into the future. Yes, it blew my mind. Am I rich in the future? I don’t know. I might be. The future self said wealth is unimportant. Was I healthier? Thinner? Fitter? Didn’t matter. Was I drinking less? More? Was I having more sex? Less sex? Better sex? Absolutely immaterial, was the answer. My future self kept reminding me that my strength is in feeling good no matter what the circumstances. My power is in empowering others. My comfort is in discovering the truth about myself.

I spent a solid half hour pestering my future self about the future me. And my future self kept bringing me back to the present. He kept saying that happiness in the future comes from the same things that bring happiness now. I just have to recognize them.

And, what if I don’t hear anything from my future self? Will that mean I’m dead? Nope. It means only that you’re not relaxed. Meditation is the best way to do time whispering.

First of all, the fact that I contacted my future self ten years from now does not convince me that I will still have this body in ten years. I could have both legs amputated. I could be paralyzed from the neck down. Not really the same body, is it? But truths that my future self told me still apply. What if I am dead? So what? I may be hit by a milk truck tomorrow. But I do not think the spirit can die. Whatever we become, in whatever dimension, the things I learn from my future self still apply. I suppose that’s why my future self refuses to discuss wealth, health, sex, and all that. They are irrelevant. There is plenty to think about beside those incidentals.

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