Be Patient With Yourself

When we have trouble forgetting a sad memory or even have trouble remembering an important one, we must be patient with ourselves. One thing that helps us to be patient is to reflect on a certain neurological function that I went through again this week– long-term potentiation. I had decided to change up my breakfast […]

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“Nothing is over” (part 2)

If our neural pathways change and grow physically as we learn things and have experiences, how can it be that we ever forget anything? Very simply, the things that caused us to learn can happen in reverse order and cause us to forget or at least get “rusty” on a few things. We’ve all heard […]

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“Nothing is over!”

Millions of people my age have heard Johnny Rambo bellowing those words at his commanding officer who tried to tell him the Viet Nam war was over. “Nothing is over! You just don’t turn it off!” We all knew Johnny was talking about memories– his friend getting his legs blown off while getting his shoes […]

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Conquering Holiday Anxiety

Anxiety often stains the mood that we expect to feel around the holiday season. I might spend a week or two before Thanksgiving feeling happy about the approaching holiday. Then when the fateful Thursday arrives, I might become tense, upset, and anxious. How can this be? I’m the producer of How can I help […]

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Even Death Requires Practice

I have repeated many times that negative emotions and negative stimuli have a purpose in life. People come to talk to me about problems they want NOT to have. This is the wrong approach to any problem. Some problems simply cannot be solved. And some of our own problems must be solved by someone other […]

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