This site is NOT about FIXING your problems.

It’s about HAVING problems.

More specifically, this site is about


You may have stumbled onto this page because you typed into your search engine one of the following words or phrases:

feeling bad
want to feel better

If you did, then you are the type of person who seeks for solutions. You are not sitting back waiting for the world to please you or to solve your problems. You have been on a long journey, the exhausting adventure of life, with all its delights and disappointments. I want you to know how pleased I am that you dropped in. Before you leave this page, we will have learned from one another.

Before we spend much time together, I want to tell you what I think of so-called self-help materials like this site. Yes, I mean this one! Think of this site as just part of an adventure. It may be a kind of wayside inn. It may be a stream where you stopped for water. Each of those things is a wonderful part of a journey.

They can be a problem, however. It can be tempting to say to yourself, “This is a nice inn. I think I’ll stay here.” Then, what happens to your journey? What happens to you? The world, especially the world wide web, is full of such pitfalls. Web addiction. Gaming addiction. Even discussion forum addiction. Anything that freezes you into one spot will halt your journey.

The Purpose of Pleasure, etc.

Reading, gaming, and discussing all give pleasure. But pleasure has a purpose beyond itself. Here, we gather all sensations and emotions in a beautiful, gyrating kind of balance. We do this by applying any emotion or sensation to its true purpose which is to propel you along your journey of life.

There is purpose in feeling excellent. There is purpose in feeling “like shit.” All sensations and emotions, from the merest tickle of a kitten’s whisker to the thunderous raging of a tyrant, have a useful purpose.

Many of you reading this page already know how to feel bad. But many of you don’t. I dare say that everyone knows there is purpose in it. But not everyone knows how to discover that purpose and benefit from it. In fact, most people spend great amounts of time and effort in avoiding feeling bad.

Life is too short to avoid even one second of it. I like to lie down and roll in it with all its rain and mud and charm. If you want to hang out here and do the same—maybe even help someone else by hanging commenting the “Updates”—then come on in. Have a look around.

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