What is Time Whispering?

by Fred

Suppose you found yourself, by some stroke of fate, having been transported back in time to mid-March of 1986. Suppose also that you heard a news report about some little company called Microsoft making its initial public offering of stock. Would you buy any? Look, you’d probably max out the cash advances on your credit cards and buy as much as you could. And you’d probably be one of the 12,000 Microsoft millionaires of today.

I’m not writing this piece to make greed jump around inside you. Time travel is not possible. But time whispering has always been possible. People have always done it. It’s no secret. You have done it. So why am I writing to explain a technique that everyone already uses? Time whispering is a valuable tool for learning how to feel. We don’t need to learn how to do it; we need to learn it’s value.

What is time whispering? Very simply, you can whisper through time to a sad experience in childhood or teenagerhood and offer comfort to yourself from your adult perspective. Or you can whisper forward through time and ask your future self for comfort and advice through rough times.

Quick example. If you’re a male, you were probably punched or even beat up as a kid. If you’re a female, you probably experienced some similar kind of abuse. You can’t travel back in time as a big strong adult and protect your child self. But you can reach through time with your mental voice and your mental presence. You can communicate with the child who is experiencing the immediate pain. Most importantly, you carry a message from the future: “Everything is going to be all right.”

Too simple?

Remember, you are not offering solutions or fixes. You are offering comfort and strength. In some strange way, the child learns to look forward and to trust you. I don’t understand it, but it works. Not only does the child feel better. Your present self feels better.

This technique works in the other direction also. It is early February 2011 as I write this. Much of the United States has just come through a history-making blizzard. We are mentally weary from winter, and physically sore from digging our cars out of drifts and snow plow furrows. But I am certain that millions of people are thinking of spring. This is simple time whispering. We all do it. If you can focus two months into the future, try focusing ten years into the future. Ask your future self for comfort and inspiration. The results will probably blow your mind.

I’ve been whispering backward and forward through time for as long as I can remember. I started doing it deliberately about ten years ago. The deliberate practice of time whispering helps you to harness the overpowering emotions of memory and to inject your own personal wisdom and skill. It’s very much like therapy. The real problem with therapy is that no therapist knows you as well as you know yourself.

“What if my future self is dead in ten years?”

I get to that in the next update.

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