“Nothing is over” (part 2)

If our neural pathways change and grow physically as we learn things and have experiences, how can it be that we ever forget anything? Very simply, the things that caused us to learn can happen in reverse order and cause us to forget or at least get “rusty” on a few things. We’ve all heard […]

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Don’t Stop Fighting

People ask me why I fight. Yes, it’s animalistic. Nobody cares if you had a good day in the ring. Whadja do this weekend? “Well, I went to a karate tournament. Won couple of fights. Took first in my bracket.” (silence) That’s real nice, Fred. ( . . . if you’re twelve.) Yeah, yeah. Whatever. […]

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What is Time Whispering?

Suppose you found yourself, by some stroke of fate, having been transported back in time to mid-March of 1986. Suppose also that you heard a news report about some little company called Microsoft making its initial public offering of stock. Would you buy any? Look, you’d probably max out the cash advances on your credit […]

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Your Mind and Weight Loss

Before I move into the Time Whispering in the next blog, I want to wrap up a few loose ends on this tangled web that I started to weave regarding weight loss and metabolism that I opened up last month. Click here to download a free audio recording of this post. I have nothing specific […]

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Conquering Holiday Anxiety

Anxiety often stains the mood that we expect to feel around the holiday season. I might spend a week or two before Thanksgiving feeling happy about the approaching holiday. Then when the fateful Thursday arrives, I might become tense, upset, and anxious. How can this be? I’m the producer of How can I help […]

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