B Vitamins and Energy Level

by Fred

This is a continuation of the last update about energy and metabolism. Of course, energy level is vital to feeling well. Feeling exhausted is, by itself, depressing, even though your mood is otherwise cheerful. The depression comes, not from sadness or loss, but from looking around at all the work that needs to be done. The dishes need washed, the dog needs brushed, the floor needs swept, and a one of the kids needs a belt. But you can’t move. A cookie and a glass of milk might get you moving, but it might also get stored as fat. That’s depressing.

I have been taking a single dose of certain B vitamins to see whether those claims about energy and metabolism work for me. Okay, the preliminary results are confirmed. Yes, they help a little. But there is a twist in the experiment this week.

I have a slight knee injury from my karate class. Quick explanation. The instructor sometimes varies our warm-up by telling us to jog around the room rather than jump rope. I’d rather jump rope because I’m a huge guy with long legs. I get up such a velocity in that room, that I have lots of knee strain on the corners. Anyway, I hurt my knee jogging too fast. I just have to go slower and take the outside on the curves.

The knee injury is clouding the results of my experiment. Yes, my energy is higher this week because I have done only one workout in the last seven days. My home workouts are very intense kickboxing routines and weight training sessions. I had to discontinue the workouts to let my knees heal. So, yes, I have more energy because I’m not spending it on exercise. I had my first workout in seven days yesterday, and I had more strength, more agility. All that crap. But I can’t credit the B vitamins. Not yet.

For the record, I’m just taking the Wal-Mart basic B1, B6, and B12. No B Complex.

Coming Up Next Month

I hope everyone made it through Christmas without too many tears. Or maybe the tears were good. I’m not a teary type. I have to let go of the past and look to the future. After this energy and metabolism stuff is a little more settled, I will write some updates on how to look into your future. There is a future you that exists somehow. It’s inside you. You can talk to it, and it can talk to you. We’ll get into that through January.

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